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The Endless Ribbon
26 minutes— on loan (shipping rates apply)
The high environmental cost of clearing shorelines is demonstrated in a case study of the Rideau water system in eastern Ontario. Shorelines sustain 90 percent of the life found in any lake or river.

Septic System Maintenance: Pure and Simple 19 minutes — on loan (shipping rates apply)
Homeowners play an important role in protecting water resources by maintaining their sewage systems and preventing problems before they arise. See the inner workings of a conventional gravity flow septic system, the warning signs that indicate a system is failing and the do’s & don’ts for the preventative maintenance of sewage disposal systems.
30 minutes — on loan (shipping rates apply)
Droplet, the host in this video, uses colourful visuals to show what groundwater is, why it’s important, how groundwater becomes contaminated and suggest ways in which individuals can help protect this resource. Suitable for students and adults.

Deer at the Northern Limit
A two part video series and resource guide designed for environmental and science educators (Grades 6 through OAC), private landowners, and for anyone interested in learning more about the relationship between people and deer.

The general purpose of the series is to promote private land stewardship that respects the needs of wildlife, people and of the land base.

Part One : Living With Deer (25 minutes) $25
Introduces the biology and ecology of deer and explores the complex relationship between wildlife, people and haitat.

Part Two : Sharing the Land (25 minutes) $25.00
Discusses the prudent ways of managing private land for a diversity of needs — particularly those of deer. Also includes a detailed discussion of the dos and don'ts of winter feeding of deer.

Forest Meadows Management Alternatives
Documents a pilot project in Lanark County which field tested methods for increasing and enriching the overall wildlife forage base by reclaiming areas such as logging roads and utility rights-of-way. Gives practical and economic methods that could be used successfully by local organizations, interest groups, and landowners wishing to enhance forest meadows in their areas. Includes a booklet. (13 minutes) $15.00