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New Book Available
A land manager’s guide to conserving habitat for forest birds in southern Ontario
This full colour document guides landowners on how to manage their woodlots for economical gain as well as improve and maintain their woodlot as habitat for a variety of forest birds and other wildlife. It features beautiful illustrations and breathtaking photographs. Produced by the Ministry of Natural Resources in conjunction with Trent University and with additional funding from Environment Canada and Eastern Ontario Model Forest it is available through the LandOwner Resource Centre — $15+ HST (shipping and handling will apply). Click here to order.

Maple Manual
This manual outlines the simple process to conduct a shoreland classification study to determine the existing state of a lake shoreland and to recommend remediation, restoration and/or maintenance as part of a shoreland restoration program. The goal is always working towards a natural shoreline. 50 pages, diskette included Cost $30

Making Your Woodland Pay
Whether you own rural property or you're thinking of buying land - this booklet can help answer some of those difficult and confusing land ownership and taxation questions while providing you with reliable, sound, business planning advice (includes shipping, handling and tax). $10
SPECIAL OFFER — Buy Making Your Woodland Pay and Understanding the Financial Costs and Benefits of Private Woodlot Management (Save $5) Cost: $15.

Understanding the Financial Costs
and Benefits of Private Woodlot Management

36 pages — how to conduct a financial analysis of woodlot management activities featuring several case studies (published by the LandOwner Resource Centre). Cost: $10SPECIAL OFFER — Buy Making Your Woodland Pay and Understanding the Financial Costs and Benefits of Private Woodlot Management (Save $5) Cost: $15.

Wood... Take a Stand and Make it Better
45 pages — acquaints you with the concepts and steps of forest management, keys to a successful timber harvest (produced by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources)
Cost: $14.00

Eastern Ontario Model Forest Code of Forestry Practice
61 pages - recommended for individuals who have a role in planning, implementing and monitoring sustainable forest management (produced by the Eastern Ontario Model Forest)
Cost: $10.00

A Pocket Guide to Ontario Trees and Some Woodland Plants
63 pages - a simplified introduction to the identification of the most common trees in Ontario (produced by the University of Guelph, Federation of Ontario Naturalists and the Ontario Forestry Association)
Cost: $6.00

A True Picture, Taking Inventory of Your Woodlot
40 pages - guide to preparing a detailed inventory of your woodlot while developing a woodlot management plan (produced by the Eastern Ontario Model Forest) (Aussi disponible en français)
Cost: $10.00

Taking Stock:
Preparing an Inventory of Your Woodland

46 pages - whether you are preparing your own woodland inventory or hiring a private forestry consultant this booklet will provide information to allow you to get started knowledgeably (produced by the Centre for Land and Water Stewardship, University of Guelph)
Cost: $8.00

Forest Raptors and Their Nests in Central Ontario A Guide to Stick Nests and Their Users
78 pages - pocket guide covers how to find and identify stick nests and the birds that build or use them; offers guidelines and modeling tools that should be considered when trying to protect them (produced by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, Southcentral Sciences Section)
Cost: $12.50

Maple Info (CD ROM)
400 publications and 1000 graphic illustrations represented in this full-text searchable collection of research and extension information related to the maple syrup industry (published by the Canadian Dairy Extension Committee).
Cost: $44

Waterfront Living
A beautiful full-colour brochure highlighting the simple tips and lasting benefits of waterfront living. A must for all who live along the water. (Produced by The Living by Water Project inpartnership with Conservation Ontario, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Ontario Stewardship, Green Communities and the Federation of Ontario Cottager's Association.)
Cost: Free

A Guide to Stewardship Planning for Natural Areas